She says she was already on tV by the time she got close to MC Kats.

Many rumors have recently Been circulating about Media personality Caroline Marcha after her relationship with MC Kats ended recently with the latter returning to his baby mama Fille Mutoni. It must be a hard blow for Caroline as she seems to be drowning in rumors with people tarnishing her name all because of a breakup.

It all started with a rumor that she stole MC Kat’s money inorder to buy herself an iphone because she is nothing but a broke woman. This rumor was bitter but she did not come out to say anything or try to clear her name. It is infact MC Kats who came out to trash the rumor, saying caro had never stolen anything from him and she attained everything she owns by working hard.

MC Kats enjoying a moment with Caro

Caro would never do That. She is a hardworking woman who can get anything her heart desires on her own bill. I wonder where you people get such rumors from.

MC Kats

Recently, another rumor has vome up that Caroline Marcha was nothing before she met Kats and that he is entirely the one that has made her popular. It is said that if it wasn’t for him, she would not be famous. Caroline has come out to rubbish this rumor saying she was already on TV by the time she met Kats. Caro says he did not make her any famous because she was already famous.

Mc kats and Caro all lovey dovey

He found me on TV. I was working at Spark TV when we became friends. Most people say things they don’t know. Mc Kats didn’t discover me from a cave. I was already on screens

caroline Marcha

She also crushed the rumor that she stole money from Kats inorder to attain a car. She decided to address the issue, mentioning that the car was bought off her own money because by the Time MC Kats walked into her lifed her cruising.

Mc Kats found me driving. I have always had a car, a good one at that. So how can I steal money to buy what I have

caroline Marcha.

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