A group of stealth robbers who attacked a supermarket in Mukono last week have been labelled as the “good robbers” by a certain section of Ugandans.

In the hour of 11pm last week on Friday, the AK47 wielding robbers stormed Spice Supermarket which is found in Ntawo ward, Mukono District. The two men at first tried to use peaceful means of entering the supermarket after throwing an empty bag at the cashier whose desk was next to the entrance.

The cashier attempted to return the bag since she did not know the men who then forced their way into the supermarket with two fully loaded AK47 guns. The men demanded that the cashier, Sekandi Irene loads all the day’s money into their empty bag which she at first refused to do.
One of the robbers on sensing Irene’s rigidity, decided to shoot at her so that she could give them the money and in the process, he shot the computer screen right infront of her in an attempt to scare the hell out of the young lady.

So Irene started to empty all the supermarket’s coffers after the attempt on her life by throwing anything that looked like legal tender (money) into the bag. The robbers chanted that whoever wanted their lives intact should cooperate with them on this mission and they repeatedly said this in Luganda according to the CCTV footage obtained by the Uganda Police Force.

So they became good robbers??

According to a certain section of Ugandans, these robbers were good because they only took material possession and did not whisk away anyone’s life and some people even went ahead to ask any other existing robbers in Uganda to copy the same.

This is because many times, armed robbers like these steal from people and have been also murdering their victims in cold blood which was not the cases in Friday’s robbery.

The police however in a statement put the blame on the supermarket’s guard who was doing other duties of helping customers load their luggage into their cars instead of his primary assignment of guarding the supermarket. It was also noted that at the time of the robbery, the guard was in hiding and had left his gun unattended to somewhere around the supermarket’s entrance.

Fred Enanga, police spokesperson speaks to press about the incident

Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson on Monday also revealed that two suspects had been arrested in connection with the robbery and that the whole gang which he considered amateur was going to be identified. He also said that one person, was shot and the bullet passed through the stomach to the back side and this was Irene, the cashier whom he also confirmed was out of danger but in hospital.


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