Events promoters and organisers have come out to show their discontent with singer David Lutalo as they claim he has turned into a very selfish man. David is known for organizing all his events without a single promoter and they actually turn out to be very successful.

The most puzzling piece of information to the promoters is that all of Lutalo’s concerts tend to be organised in the month of January. We all know how money deprived people always are in January after having spent lavishly on the festivities of the Christmas season.

David Lutalo

These loyal fans however seem to have stashed some cash off somewhere, keeping it seperate as they wait for the January concerts from Lutalo. Most promoters seem to wonder how he performs with all tickets sold out in such a bad season for Ugandans.

Lutalo has also come out to deny being selfish. He mentions that he has never been a selfish man, quite the contrary but his only issue is that he does not know how to work with people who do not accord him the Respect he deserves.

David Lutalo

I can’t rub shoulders with someone that does not respect me. You get what you give. If I show them respect, it is only natural that they reciprocate. At the moment, I don’t know what to do for them

David Lutalo

In retaliation, promoters have also decided to boycott all Lutalo’s works in the future as they decline that they will not work with such a selfish man. Lutalo however mentions that he has no problem with any promoter whatsoever and he does not plan on disrespecting him just because they are disrespecting him.

Lutalo also henceforth stressed the point that he will remain independent until a worthy promoter shows up at his doorstep, one without selfish tendencies and one he can trust with his career.

Leticia Nambaziira

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