She says he only converted to Islam because he was dying to marry her.
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Kilooto claims that Grenade official converted to Islam before their break up because he was dying to marry her.

Aziz kilooto, Grenades ex sugar momma is also turning into a joke of late. She has not stopped reminiscing about the times she shared with Grenade and the only word her lips have grown accustomed to recently is the name grenade. Even when he says nothing about her in the nedia or even in his posts, she somehow still finds time to poke at him and talk about his name.(million follar question is, could she still be in love with her man?)

Kilooto and Grenade broke up after she came out to assert that when grenade sung ‘Nkuloga‘, it was o typical joke because he had started performing with craft to make her fall in love with him and marry him as she was supporting him in everything and he was leeching off of her.

Grenade official

since the break up, kilooto has been slapping endless charges in grenade’s face, with the first few being Violence and malice which landed him in prison and soon as he found his way out, she slammed fresh law suits his way, claiming he had destroyed her iphone 13 pro max which haboured very important documents she could never recover and she also mentioned that as he left, he disappeared with her apple watch worth 500 US dollars.

Recently, she has come out to assert that Grenade turned into a Muslim and his sole reason for doing that was because he wanted to marry her. Kilooto also presented evidence of Grenade official in a mosque during the ceremony where he was converting from Christianity to Islam.

Grenade official

She claims that he was madly in love with her and he was ready to take any steps just to prove his love for her. She however mentioned that the ceremony was private as he did not want any of his fans to know that he had converted to Islam.

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