He pleads for the public to understand and forgive him.

Recently, a bean eating video has been going viral. This video has left many speaking in tongues because the level of skills expressed in this video is unmatched. In the video, the gentleman does not disclose his face but is rather very aggressive yet skilled at what he is doing(I don’t know if that makes any sense).

In this particular video, the gentleman is seen going down on the lady in a way that has left many mesmerized. With moves so smooth and sleek, he pleasures her as she squirms with delight like a tiny earth worm drawn to the cold earth.


He does not give her time to recover from the top of Mt. Muhavura as he then rushes to pleasure her with his tiny wand(but very skilled I must say). The video has since gone viral and everyone has been talking about it since then. Many assured that it was city tycoon Lwasa in the video yet others said he had some young man tricks up his sleeve so it was impossible for it to be Lwasa.

When asked about this particular tape, the business tycoon denied all claims that it was his and he even went ahead to tell the public to do what they wanted with the clip because it did not concern him as he is rich and loaded. (I guess he didn’t think the clip would get this viral)

Well guess what, the clip has become so viral it has chewed on his consciousness that he has finally come out to admit that the tape is indeed his and he is asking for forgiveness. (He has finally come out to take his due praises). He has mentioned that as any human, he was wrong but he then pleads for the public to understand and pardon him.


Any person can get in that trouble. Please forgive me. I think it looks like is mine. I had not looked critically at it before, but now I think I am convinced.” He said.

Leticia Nambaziira

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