She is still recovering as she can not do any movements out of a wheel chair.
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Singer Kapa cat calls out the public to help her with funds to clear her medical bills.

Singer Kapa Cat was recently involved in a car accident with her entire crew as she was off somewhere for a performance. She was rushed to hospital and she immediately got surgery,something that helped her to save her life.

kapa cat is currently still in the hospital but she is still recovering however. Having escaped death with various injuries, she is still struggling with her health and the recovery process.

Kapa cat

Kapa cat has Come out to make a public outcry, asking all her fans as well as well wishers to aid her with some money so that she can clear her accumulated medical bills. She cried out to the public from her hospital bed, mentioning that as she was not in position to perform yet, she can not earn the money to help her with her medical bills but yet the money is needed in hospital.

She also mentioned that her manager was discovered to have had three glasses stuck within his chest and he needed to undergo surgery as soon as possible. Upon making this outcry, she added her phone numbers where her fans were to send financial help as they ably could.

As soon as kapa cat sent out the plea, many of her fans immediately sent out some cash to help their diva come off the hospital oital bed as soon as possible. She started recieving mobile money notifications as soon as soonest and she was quick to thank her supportive fans.

kapa cat

She also went ahead to update her fans about her current condition, mentioning that she was thankful she is still alive and that it was only God’s will that led them. She also mentioned that she is recovering fast and the only issue is the pain she experiences in her jaw as she yawns but it will be gone in no time at all.

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