For a while now, the rumor has been solid concerning singer Vivian Tendo and the Wakiso Giants FC Boss known as Musa Atagenda being an item. The pair has been rumored to be involved with each other in a strong going relationship and for a whil and the funny bit is that no one came out to deny these accusations.

It could be that Vivian Tendo thought that once she kills the media with silence over this issue, it would soon be long forgotten and gone with the wind. She has discovered that she was wrong however as the Netizens have kept up the rumor about her romantic relationship with Musa going strong.(social media in-laws never give it a rest huh)

Vivian Tendo

During an interview with sanyuka TV, Vivian Tendo therefore decided to come out and confront Netizens about this rumor as she mentioned that she was never an item with Musa and she would never even think of becoming one. She told Netizens not to base on her frequent visits to Wakiso Giants FC as a sign that she has gone to catch a glimpse of her beloved.

Vivian Tendo went further in her bid to prove her innocence as she mentioned that not only were the two not dating but they are not even friends. She mentioned that they are just strangers who see each other and bypass and it’s not like they even share a bond of friendship.

Vivian Tendo

Musa and I, we are just common people to each other just like others. We are not even friends at all. We’re just strangers to one another.

Leticia Nambaziira

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