Well here it is. The bomb that we were all anticipating has been dropped down on us. Singer and Wasafi records boss Diamond Platinumz has finally made the big reveal. His wife, as many had already anticipated turns out to be his signée singer Zuchu.

There were many signs from the pair that screaming ‘Dating’ and of course Netizens picked up the small hints here and there. The pair however always denied the accusations, saying their relationship was strictly proffesional.(what a pair of jokers).

The two are said to have started dating in December 2021 secretly as they always told the public that they have an employer employee type of relationship going on between them. They are said to have gotten married on February 14th 2022 in a secret wedding in Dar es salaam.

The juice about Diamonds wedding was served to the public through DJ Romy who is a cousin to Diamond as he posted on his social media pages congratulating his brother and telling him to go ahead and settle in marriage and have children with his new wife.

Zuchu and Diamond

What’s currently happening in Madale. My younger brother Nasibu you can now settle down. Get a baby and name him after me),” Rommy wrote on social media.

DJ Romy

The pair however always denied these claims until recently when Diamond has decided to come out about this rumor and talk about their marriage. In response to a post by Wasafi records where a video of Diamond Platinumz was posted as he gave a mind blowing performance, he commented on the post as he refered to himself as zuchu’s husband.

That’s Zuuh’s (Zuchu) husband,

Diamomd Platinumz

Leticia Nambaziira

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