Says he wishes to recreate 'Coming to America' with her

Singer Rickman wants to tread on royal ground. He has recently decided to show interest in Princess Katrinah Sangalyambogo. The princess has grown up to be a beautiful young lady unlike the small girl everyone knew as the little princess and we are guessing that Rickman has noticed that earlier than anyone else as he has decided to show his intentions of feasting on her ( I am not sure the Kabaka will be too pleased to hear this)

Things have apparently not been going on well between Rickman and lover Sheila Gashumba. However much many alledge that th two are still going steady under the blankets and have just chosen to keep their relationship private, others are of the view that the posts are nolonger coming in from the couple because there really is nothing to show.

Rickman and Sheila

Trouble begun when Nigerian singer Rugar came to Uganda and Sheila was seen by his side, not even giving him time to breathe to an extent that she even followed him for his concert in Rwanda. Netizens of course did their good job of gossiping about this. This is when the relationship between Sheila and Rickman started going rough and they were always on and off.

There are rumors however that Rickman still shows interest for other women even after being with Sheila Gashumba and this is one of the major causes of the rift between the pair.

On his Twitter handle, Rickman, who is currently in America made his intentions so clear as he mentioned that if he ever got a chance to land on the princess, he was going to get her for himself.

Princess Sangalyambogo

If I ever meet Katrina Sangalyambogo anywhere overseas am 100% recreating the coming to America scene


Leticia Nambaziira

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