The fan was seen spilling alcohol all over Eddy Kenzo which made him lose his cool.

 Things went down and all hell broke lose at the ‘Road to Eddy Kenzo festival‘ countrywide tour in Bwera, Kasese district on Sunday. Eddy Kenzo lost his cool and slapped an unruly fan with his microphone, an act that has been both condemned and condoned by Netizens.

Eddy Kenzo is one artiste who dominates his stage with might and gives his fans the time of their lives. Fans never come out complaining because they feel the worth of their money. Kenzo however is known for demanding respect even when he is on stage and that is something the entire World knows he deserves.

Eddy Kenzo

Being a Muslim, Kenzo stays very far from alcoholic beverages since his religion strongly condemns it. On this eventful Sunday, it is when a not so humble fan decided to get on the bad side of Eddy Kenzo.

According to a video that has gone viral, this fan is seen spilling his alcohol all over Eddy Kenzo’s shirt and trouser while he performs for his revelers. Eddy kenzo is obviously disgusted, being that he does not familiarisé with alcohol.

Eddy Kenzo

This is when Eddy kenzo hurls the microphone at his target with all the rage he has displaying in his eyes. There is racks all around as this scene unfolds at the concert. (My oh my). The video has since gone viral and there are many comments coming in from the singer’s huge fan base.

For some, the act was uncalled for because he could have hurt an innocent person with the microphone while aiming at the unruly fan. Others argue that he did the right thing to put the fan in his place as soon as he noticed the disrespect.

Leticia Nambaziira

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