After a long time of serious a beefbetween singer Geosteady and ex wife Prima Kardash, peace has finally won as the two decided to get along for the sake of their children Soraya and Solange Kigozi.

During the eldest child’s birthday, Prima denied Geosteady a chance to even meet up his daughter as she claimed he was a very terrible father who never even cared to support his children financially. This story rummaged the entire media as Geosteady was lamenting on his Twitter, claiming that he was never a dead beat father.

Baby Solange’s birthday party

He even made allegations that Prima had misled him, saying he was not the real father of his two beautiful daughters, something which hurt him a lot. He also accused Prima of domestic violence, something she did not deny.

Recently however as their second daughter Solange was making 3 years, the two were seen at Freedom City setting up a birthday bash for their daughter and according to the few invited guests, the function was truly glorious. Geosteady performed for all the invited guests, making a free concert for his baby’s bash.

At the party

The beautiful pictures say it all as it was joy and gladness at the ceremony. Everyone at the function was only shocked at one small detail.(yes you guessed right) Prima’s lover boy was not at the function which increased the already existent speculation that mr. Henrie and prima had split up

Prima went ahead to her Instagram to thank geosteady for the turn up and also for the free concert for his baby’s birthday. She then went ahead to mention that strong co parenting was doing good to their daughters because they were less stressed and they felt safe and secure.

A strong co-parenting relationship reduces a child’s stress and provides her with comfort and security.

Co-parenting also helps each parent balance the responsibility of parenthood by having another person to rely on and make decisions. So it reduces your stress, too.

Geosteady blessed Solange Williams Kigozi’s 3 year cake cutting event with a free show.

prima kardash

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