Recently, a saga happened in the house of Singer Spice Diana where a young man who was identified as Henry Nsamba was found after having climbed down the wall into Spice Diana’s home. Being mistaken for a thief, he was drageed outside the premises where he was dealt with and he ended up losing his life as he was being rushed to the hospital.

Police has been investigating since the unfortunate event happened because when Spice Diana was called in for questioning, she disappeared and all her phones were switched off as they tried to look for her to go to the station.

Spice diana

When the media got a chance to speak to the father of the deceased who is known as Johnson Matovu, he mentioned that his son had been pursuing a career in music as well as being a dancer and he had been saving up money to work on a collabo with Spice Diana.

Johnson mentioned that his son’s dream was to meet spice Diana and that is what he was trying to do only to be mistaken for a thief and killed mercilessly.


Radio presenter kasuku has however come out to mention that all this is a scam and it is planned by musicians who do not want to see Spice Diana prosper. He mentioned that many musicians want her off the scene so they have decided to use the public against her so they can push her away with public hate.

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