He mentions that her honesty and virtue should be a lesson to many women out there.

On Tuesday as Socialite Bad black was turning 32, she received a very heart warming message from one of our favorite Ugandan musicians popularly known as Geosteady.

Geosteady has turned into an icon in the music industry and his fans surely do know how to uplift him as a musician. Recently on Bad Black’s birthday, he came out to appreciate her as a woman of virtue. He could not stop himself from mentioning how wonderful of a woman she is in his birthday message to her.

Bad Black

The musician mentioned that many women lived lives of pretence, something that was not common with Bad Black as she chose to rather be honest about the kind of work she was doing to survive. He mentioned that not many women were able to come out and confess that they they had survived on sex work all their lives.

I love the fact that you are so open and real. actually the most realist woman I’ve ever met. Your interviews With IBRA MUKASA should be lessons to every girl, every woman out there just know you’re such an Inspiring woman

Bad Black

His fans were also in agreement because it is never easy for a woman to come out aboutsomething that the society considers awful and a taboo. Bad Black has always created awareness to the female gender, in most cases urging her not to join sex work as she lists the challenge that come along with it. In honesty, she has told females that in her situation, she was just lucky to have landed on a rich man among her clients as it doesn’t just happen for everyone.

Bad black surely deserves this praise being heaped on him because she has surely been through a lot most especially in her line of work. Kudos to Geosteady for all the support and love towards our favorite socialite.

Leticia Nambaziira

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