Recently, Bobi Wine has been battered by struggle mates for flying out of the country frequently with Barbie to ‘eat money’ on what has been termed as baecation ( a vacation with bae). Photos of himself with his partner and wife Barbie have left disapproval of some social media users.Critics claim that his posting of “lavish” photos while on holiday with his wife shows he’s unbothered about the “struggle” and his suffering supporters.

Bobi wine has however advised the critics to hush because he has a life to lead and he won’t let his wife were away all because of the struggle. He went ahead to stress that he shall continue with the spirit of taking his wife to different locations to chew money, after all it is his money.

Bobi and Barbie

Bobi wine mentioned to his critics that even before the struggle, he had a personal life to live and his entire existence is not just about the struggle but rather he has to please his family as well and his wife is the top priority.

Fighting for the issues of the majority of Ugandans does not mean that I should do away with my personal life. I always find time for my family

Bobi wine
Bobi and Barbie

His Critics however won’t let him rest with their arguments. In the beginning, they claim he was shouting against the price of commodities including the famous ‘kikomando‘, mentioning that the government should cut down on their expenditure in order to help the ‘omuntu wawansi’ to attain their basic needs.

Right now however, they claim he is no different from the regime because he is also choosing to lavish around while the masses are suffering with attaining basic needs.

Leticia Nambaziira

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