She mentions that the rumor against her is financed.
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Leila Kayondo denies allegations of using drugs.

Singer Leila Kayondo during a recent interview was asked about his seemingly erased bond with ex lover boy SK Mbuga. She mentioned that the two had quite a beautiful bond . Leila mentioned that she met Mbuga way back when the two were still quite young.

Leila mentioned that their grand mothers were very close friends so they literally saw more of each other as they grew up and their strong bond was stimulated by the fact that their grand parents got along so well and as kids, they also spent a lot of time together because of the closeness of their parents.

Leila and Mbuga

When asked what caused their strong bond to falter, Leila refused to give any i formation, mentioning that the reason for their split was very confidential and they could not talk about it with the media.

SK Mbuga and I were friends right from childhood. His Grandmother and my Grandmother have been best friends but we separated and I will not explain why.

Leila kayondo
Mbuga eyeing Leila kayondo

Leila also went ahead to confirm that she has heard the rumors about herself, rumors where she has been accused of using drugs and toxic substances, something she strongly denied. She mentioned that she does not use drugs and it is only someone trying to damage her reputation.

Leila mentioned that she knows the person behind this rumor and that they are financing the spread of the rumor just to tarnish her reputation.

I have heard allegations of people saying I use drugs. I am very sure it is only one person behind all the propaganda and as well funding its spread

Leila Kayondo

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