She insisted on the apology, mentioning he had abused her children.

Recently, there was a reignited died between NUP fanatic Sarah joy and socialite Don Zella. Sara joy had just concluded an interview with you tuber Sarkozy when the entire can of worms reopened afresh. When Sarkozy asked Sarah why she had walked away from her friendship with Don Zella,Sarah replied that the friendship was useless to her and she nevee gained anything from it. In other words, it did not addd on her even one bit.

Don zella could not swallow the pill as she decided to attack Sarah joy, telling her to stop talking about her name abd even forget the two ever met anywhere. She cautioned her to leave her alone and never even let the World know that she had ever been acquainted with her.

Don zella

This is where the famous blogger Peng Peng came in and decided to help the pair as he hosted them on his live Facebook show known as ‘entandalo‘. This was meant for them to iron out a few differences and make a few things clear to their followers or Netizens.

Don Zella bragged about being a high class woman unlike Sarah Joy during this Live feed as she the papers of house and land ownership in the states at the screen, proving that she is of another level. Sarah then mentioned that she knew the real owner of this property Don Zella was showing off, urging her not to act like she has money yet she is a broke church mouse.

Peng Peng

Don zella Disappeared from the media when she heard all this until recently when Peng Peng hosted MC Richie on his live feed. MC Richie picked his side, completely trashing Don Zella and defending Sarah. Don Zella joined the live feed, telling Peng Peng to issue an apology for hosting people who insulted her and her children.

Peng Peng decided he had had just enough of her drama and decided to give her level. He stressed that he had not abused her kids and when she insisted on the apology, he avused her to shreds, leaving her eyes teary.

Leticia Nambaziira

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