According to Allan Toniks, Ugandan music is currently in a global music world. That means that everyone is willing to poach on one’s brand as long as it’s the next big thing. Toniks mentioned that as Ugandan entertainers, they have to safeguard what is theirs.

According to Toniks, Uganda has not got the right type of music to stabilse as their own, something that still affects the brand of Ugandan music. He gave an example of how South Africa identifies with Amapiano music, Nigeria is well known for Afro beats, Congo for Lingala and Tanzania for bongo Flavor.

Allan Toniks

The unstable trend where Ugandans just borrow musical style from other countries outside Uganda is what lags the music industry of Uganda currently according t him hence there is need for Ugandans to choose their brand as well if they are to dominate the musical scene Internationally.

Toniks mentioned that Uganda lacks identity when it comes to music and therefore they shall remain lagging behind because all they do is copy other styles from different countries sadly.

Allan toniks

I tell fellow musicians that we are in a global competition. We have to be selfish enough to keep our brand. South Africa is commonly known for Amapiano and that is their brand.


Leticia Nambaziira

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