We should learn from them instead of hating on them- Fik Fameika

Fik Fameica is now soaring in the clouds after he landed himself a mega deal with Nigerian Singer Mr. Eazi’s EmPawa music. After landing such a mega deal, he surely has kind words for Nigerian music, stating that it is the mind of music that has soared above clouds, even outside of Nigeria.

Fik Fameica during an exclusive interview warned Ugandans against producing dub standard music which was lagging them behind but should instead make efforts to produce the standard kind of music that every listener will vibe to.

Fik Fameica

He mentioned that Nigerian music is standard music and is always on point, grabbing the attention of the Listener’s all over. He urged Ugandan musicians to pick a leaf from their Nigerian brothers and sisters on how to produce standard music.

Fik Fameica had no kind words for Ugandan musicians who claim that Nigerian Musicians are booked into the country and this lowers chances of Ugandan music even at home which means Nigerian Musicians end up suffocating the local content.

Fik Fameica

Fik Fameica came out to mention that instead of fighting the Nigerian music, Ugandans should take time to learn from it and make their own music better.

Nigerian music is popular worldwide. Those guys have done well. Instead of fighting them, we should embrace and learn from them

Fik Fameica

Leticia Nambaziira

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