After the knee surgery, she will get back on her feet in no time.

Last month, Kapa Cat and her crew faced a terrible car accident that left her car crushed beyond imagination. When many looked at the car, the only thing they could come up with is that it is even a miracle that Kapa Cat and her crew survived such a kind of death.

kapa and her manager were rushed to hospital immediately and she underwent surgery to ensure that her life is not lost. During the entire process however, Kapa Cat was short of funds as she was not performing yet it was her major source of income. This came as a hard blow for her, considering that she was stuck to a hospital bed.

Kapa cat

Kapa cat made a plea to her fans to come out and support her with some financial help to aid her during her surgery and treatment period. She gave fans the number to send money on and everyone sent some money, an amount they could manage. It was a relief for Kapa because the money surely worked miracles for her.

Yesterday, Kapa cat made sure to post an update for her loving fans who have supported her through her worst moment. She informed the public through her social media that she was soon to get a knee surgery and that would ensure her recovery hence she will be abke to grace the stage in a not very long period of time.

Kapa Cat

Time to Fix this Leg n Disturb Uganda Real Soon. Knee Surgery

kapa cat

The surgery is meant to ease her pain and hence she will be back on stage in no time, able to pull off all her famous dance moves. We wish you a quick recovery Kapa Cat

Leticia Nambaziira

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