Around 2017, renowned singer Desire Luzinda publicly revealed that she was choosing to ditch secular music and gave her life to God.She became Born Again and has since been singing gospel music on top of living a changed life. She has lately been a very good example to many of her fans.

The former ‘ekitone‘ master has also used every chance she gets to preach the gospel through her platforms and has dedicated her life to charity through the Desire Luzinda Foundation which she has been managing even when she was abroad. (She had left the country and relocated you see)

Desire and Levixone.

Last week, the USA-based Luzinda returned to Uganda and she appeared together with Levixone at a friend’s wedding ceremony. The two were dressed in a matching outfit, something that suggests they are really a couple. According to numerous reports, Luzinda and Levixone are planning a Kwanjula to make their all time secret affair official in the eyes of God.

The pair has been really close for many years and it is rumored that it is Levixone that influenced the change that is visible to many Ugandans in Desire Luzinda. There are rumors that the two could have started seeing each other romantically a while back when she was still singing secular music and he decided to turn her into the wife everyone expects him to get.

The lovely pair.

A section of Netizens however disagree with this notion, mentioning that maybe love came after the change and that the two could have just started dating quite recently.

Desire Luzinda and Levixone have refused to give out any information regarding the rumors even when media houses have tried to reach them( but sometimes silence means yes, right?)

Leticia Nambaziira

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