He calls her a thief that wants to own property she never worked for.

Angel Kwakunda, wife to city tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel came out and mentioned that she was planning on acquiring a divorce from her disrespectful and cheating husband Lwasa. She was thrown out of her matrimonial house by her step children as they called her all sorts of things for example a thief who only wanted what belonged to their father.

The children also mentioned that Angel did nothing but ashame their father every time. Angel filed a case of assault through her lawyers from Elgon and Company Advocates of assault and also alleged that some of her belongings had been stolen. According to her, Among the stolen property was some money.

Angel and Lwasa

When Lwasa was asked about Angel filing for divorce, he mentioned that she was just a city thief that was after his property but he vowed that she will not get any share of his property.The Masaka businessman stated that a person who was in marriage for only nine months cannot claim any of his property.

He went on to explain that Angel is just a crook and a city born thief who wants to own property that she has not toiled for.On that note, Lwasa went ahead and stated that he is now single and searching for a lady aged between 25-28 years and must have given birth before since he is tired of women who don’t give birth. He was often heard complaining about how Angel does not bear children for him.( Teka sente wolaba)

Angel and Lwasa

He pointed out that he also wants a woman who is a bit taller than he is and has a darker skin complexion because women who bleach don’t have any common sense, according to him.

Leticia Nambaziira

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