He says he wants a kyana that has grown up seeing money.

City tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel has always put his relationships out in the open for public consumption. He is never afraid to mention all the details about his adventures with women, even those he has just hooked up with.

After breaking up with his wife, Angel Kankunda, Lwasa was seen with another woman, merry making and having the times of their lives he declared that he was never one to stay single, with all the money he posesses. He then later was seen back with Angel Kwakunda, calling her the sweetest woman that has ever roamed earth.


Lwasa has recently broken up with his wife once more, claiming she does not deserve him because she is just a thief who came to claim the property he has worked so hard to acquire over the past years. He decided to call it quits with her and declared that he is single and searching, but he doesn’t need a broke woman ever again.

I am tired of dating broke women. I now want someone who was raised in a well-to-do family or one with her own money


Lwasa says he has faced challenges dating women from poor backgrounds because they always act like villagers when they see small small money. He therefore made it clear that he is looking for a woman who has seen money while growing up.

They are not used to money. They see 300M and run crazy. I now want a woman who grew up seeing money.


Leticia Nambaziira

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