She does not care what her fans think of her at all.

Swangz Avenue singer Winnie Nwagi has yet again been involved in an exchange of insults with her followers over an uncomfortable video (and when I say uncomfortable, I really mean uncomfortable. )she posted on her Instagram page.

After coming live to call out a blogger for uttering falsehood about her, Winnie Nwagi decided to give her loyal fans a few treats. In this video she posted online, she was heard singing along to her new song that has been making rounds all over the net recently dubbed ‘Malaika‘ .

Winnie Nwagi

She was seen shaking nyash to her song, I must say bare and jiggly nyash while in the jacuzzi with the water bubbling up and down as if tempting Satan to embrace Jesus as his personal saviour.

Many fans went crazy just by looking at the way her nyash juggled along with the water, dancing to her new favorite tune. They were mesmerized by the sight and they commented, calling her a diva and a superstar for her music and dance moves.

Winnie Nwagi

Others, however, were not impressed by the extra skin that was showcased by the star and they left a few comments to express their disgust. They hurled insults at her, mentioning that she needs to change her ways after all even a person like desire luzinda was also in descent but she changed.

They only forgot that Winnie Nwagi is the queen of verbal abuse. They should have known that Nwagi is not the type to let any negative comment about her body slide and they had to find out the hard way. She immediately hunted through the comments, replying to all those that she found rather offensive, giving the Netizens a run for their lives.

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