Some Netizens believe this is just a stunt from the songstress.

Rumours reaching our gossip desk indicate that songstress, Irene Ntale, is pregnant. This is according to a viral video that is making rounds on social media. This video shows the singer with her friends taking photos and a visible bump.

This rumor is still unconfirmed however, considering the fact that it is no secret Irene Ntale is a single woman(she has been for quite some time Atleast). She has also made remarks that she has been searching for love currently and she is ready to mingle once again.

Beautiful Irene Ntale

The video going viral is unclear however, being that it is a very short clip but many have been able to notice the bulge in the attire she was wearing while taking the video with her friends. Could she really be pregnant or vould it be just a stunt?

Some critical viewers have however Down played the rumor, mentioning that the area in which the video was taken was very windy and the wind was blowing so it could have been the wind blowing her clothes, making them bulge hence it looked like it was a baby bump.

Irene Ntale

That is just the wind blowing her clothes. Its not a baby bump

the user commented

Some of her followers however Believe that this could be a pregnancy and it could be that she has just been keeping it a secret. This would not be the first time for a celebrity to hide her pregnancy until it is really showing(Let us not wash away all doubt of a possible pregnancy heh).

If there is one thing that can Not be hidden, it is a pregnancy. We should only give it a few months and if it is evident by then, we shall still witness it and celebrate with Irene Ntale. We shall keep you updated as we dig deeper.

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