She is swimming in the clouds with her found love

Public Relations of National Medical Stores (NMS), Sheila Nduhukire will today introduce her fiancé Derrick Kakonge to her parents in Kiruhura, Kazo district. Not so long ago, Nduhukire introduced her lover Derrick Kakonge, the CEO of Security Plus to her parents in a ceremony known as ‘Okugamba Obugenyi’ simply translated as the traditional first visit to her parents’ home back in March 2022.

Close friends to Nduhukire reveal that since the two met, she has been a picture of bliss and pure happiness because whereas she was famous for bot doting before, she was discovered to have changed as she started updating her status with different quotes about relationships and lovely marriages.

The okugamba obugyenyi ceremony

Everyone that has made research on Derrick makes it clear that the gentleman is quite loaded and Sheila is not badly off as well. It is said that he never announces his wealth as he is a down to earth gentleman but his pockets are always full and his wallet is also very fat.

In March she  announced to social media inlaws that her relationship was going very well for her as she had finally met her true soul mate that the angels had blessed her with.

Sheila with her father

I have seen the glory of God. I love you babe I can’t wait to be with you

Sheila Nduhukire

Today, Sheila is meant to make it Official, leaving all the Ykee Bendas sobbing their eyes out, starting her new journey into marriage with her beloved. Sources close to her reveal that the wedding is dur to take place in the next month of August. Congratulations to the pair.

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