He gave a lot of wise advice to his fans in Uganda.

Adekunle Gold was in uganda giving his fans the best if his musical performance. Just as anticipated,his concert sold out and he was warmly embraced onto the stage( trust Uganda to show love to artistes).

Adekunle Gold received more love than he had anticipated to get and he was mesmerized by the audience that was singing along hysterically to all his music. Never had he experienced this anywhere else before in his entire life of performing.

Adekunle Gold

Later, he turned to his Twitter to thank the multitudes of fans for all the love they showered him with during his concert. He mentioned that he was warmly received and he was supported all through the entire performance. He mentioned that he got an audience of over 20k people out to watch him perform his first live in Uganda.

Over 20k people came out to show me so much love! Doing this on the continent first makes me cherish this milestone more. It’s so big to me, I will never be able to take it in fully. Thank you lord! Thank you Uganda for loving me so much. All my love, Tio Tequila

Adekunle Gold
Adekunle’s arrival to Uganda

He not only shared joy with his fans but he also shared sadness along with them as he narrated his saddening sickle cell story. Many were left with jaws dropped as they had not expected that sad bit of news.

Adekunle also gave a piece of advice to his fans in Uganda to keep supporting their local artistes. He mentioned that this is the only way they would be able to make their music go International because if they never enjoyed and promoted it themselves, it would not go any further. For his fans, it was a wonderful experience of fun, joy and lessons all in one.

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