Nwagi decided to retaliate and also send a harsh message to his London based Fans.

Winnie Nwagi is one artiste who shall forever be full of wonders. She is never one to swallow any form of criticism most especially over social media. Winnie Nwagi loathes the sight of anyone speakjng ill about her on social media hence that is one thing she can never stomach. (Yes, she always retaliates when she sees such Attacks thrown towards her.)

Recently, Winnie Nwagi and Fik Fameika were meant to perform for London based Fans and they were called upon and paid by a London based promoter famously known as mama Africa.

Bootilicous Nwagi

The pair however was late to go for the performance, something that greatly annoyed the fans and made them turn to social media, labelling the singers uncooth and poor time keepers. Some fans went ahead to mention that nwagi ànd Fik were still mesmerized by the fact that they had never been to London hence they took their time looking around the city, losing track of time and hence turning up late for the concert.

However much fans seemed very angry about this, they had triggered the wrong side of Winnie Nwagi. She could not just let it go hence she also turned to all those fans, labelling them foolish for attacking her without knowing any facts about why she and her partner were late for the event.

Sexy nwagi

I don’t tolerate nonsense. You don’t know what caused the delay but all you do is to talk nonsense

winnie nwagi

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