He mentioned that he regrets losing her but he was only blinded with falsehood by Diana Nabatanzi.

City tycoon Lwasa may be bed ridden due to love sickness. After witnessing his ex lover desire Luzinda introducing another man to her parents, it could be that he was very heartbroken. However much their relationship ended ages ago and he has brought in very many women after her, he still shows that he has a hint of regret for having lost the ‘ekitone‘ singer.

Lwasa dated Desire Luzinda back in 2017 before dumping her for BBS Terefayina presenter, Dianah Nabatanzi in 2018. Their relationship only lasted a year but according to Lwasa, this was one unforgettable year. In most interviews, Lwasa describes Desire Luzinda as a good hearted person and revealed that Nabatanzi was the main reason as to why he dumped Desire (something he clearly regrets).

Lwasa whispering sweet nothings to a shy Desire back when they were love birds.

Lwasa mentions that he was swayed by Diana Nabatanzi who kept on speaking ill against Desire Luzinda on many interviews, making him fall into her trap, not knowing she was only after replacing Desire Luzinda in his life. She did succeed however because she got Lwasa for herself, pushing desire off the mat.

Lwasa has been quiet all along when rumors started spreading about the secret ceremony between Desire and Levixone but after the function, he decided to man up and talk about it. He congratulated Levixone upon this huge milestone, encouraging him that he had landed the right partner in desire luzinda because she is a true marriage material.

The love birds back in the day.

Posting a throw back video of himself with Desire Luzinda, he mentioned that he had no bad words for her because she was such a wonderful woman and she was a good wife material as well. He congratulated Levixone, mentioning that he has made the right choice because she is such a wonderful and independent woman.

I have nothing bad to say about this beautiful young woman. She is totally a wife material and she is self contained. Levixone you have made it in life by landing this woman. I was surely the toxic one in the relationship.

Lwasa Emmanuel

Leticia Nambaziira

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