The biggest talk around town is the secret union between gospel singers Desire luzinda and Levixone. The only thing that has puzzled Netizens is whether attending the function was a crime of some sort considering the fact that some celebrities who were noted to have attended the function have now denied having been present.

Pastor Bugembe was listed in attendance but recently, he has gone ahead to deny the fact that he even knew about the existence of the ceremonies. Pastor Bugembe mentioned that he only got to learn of the ceremonies online, just like everyone else has seen leaked pictures.

Pastor bugembe

I don’t know about it. I have been seeing it in the media like everyone else

pastor Bugembe

There is word however that all those influencial people that attended the ceremony signed a non disclosure agreement where they agreed not to let anything slip about the function they attended. Since it was a top secret ceremony, everyone decided to keep it quiet.

the lovely couple

Whether this NDA exists or not, no one is sure but if it does, those who would be in position to confirm or deny its existence are not saying anything because of the rumoured NDA. This means we might never know who attended, despite reports to the 

Leticia Nambaziira

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