Lydia Jazmine has only a few weeks left before her contract with manager Ronnie Mulindwa expires. Jazmine and Ronnie Mulindwa have for a while been rumored to be on bad terms allegedly due to money-related disagreements. However much the pair was rumored to be bonk mates despite Ronnie being a married man, the two have been at logger heads recently.

Sometime back Lydia Jazmine contemplated cancelling her contract with manager Ronnie but the latter threatened to sue her over breach of contract. She therefore decided to stay until her term for the contract was done under his management.

Lydia Jazmine

During an interview, Lydia Jazmine was asked about all the sauce regarding Mulindwa but she refused to let anything slip as she kept her lips tightly shut over the issues regarding Mulindwa mentioning that she will not say anything about him. She then maintained that ever since she parted ways with Bushington, she has never been under any management team. This could be why she recently called out Bushington, mentioning she could work well with him.

When she was asked about the Mercedez Benz that was reportedly gifted to her by Ronnie Mulindwa, she replied telling her fans to just wait for the brand new wheels that she is about to unleash. This has left all her fans in anticipation of the ride she is about to bring in.

Lydia Jazmine

I don’t have a management and I have never had a management team ever since I parted ways with Bushington. Don’t ask me about Ronnie Mulindwa cause I won’t say anything about him. Just watch the space, very soon am going to parade a brand new ride which is far better than a Benz

Lydia Jazmine

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