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It is exactly two weeks since the falling out of the romance between Galaxy FM presenter Mr. Henrie with lover Prima kardash. The cause of the pair’s falling out is still a mystery to many, as the ex-lovers have not shared anything regarding the matter as of yet. Netizens are still in speculation, wondering what could have gone wrong with the pair that always flaunted their love moments online.

However, a few days back, rumour in the social media corridors had it that Prima dumped Mr Henrie to revive her romance with her baby daddy Goesteady. After a long time of spitting fire for each other like monster dragons, the two finally came to terms and sat on a round table to agree about co parenting.

prima kardash

Prima had already given the responsibility of his children to the new love of his life, Mr Henrie, chasing geosteady out of his children’s life. Geosteady was so distressed that he ranted out on social media about not being able to see his children. Prima went ahead to accuse him of being a dead beat father with no responsibility at all.

Prima was unmoved by Geosteady’s rants as she mentioned that Soraya and Solange already had found a wonderful father and there was no turning back. Recently however during Solange’s birthday, Geosteady was seen with Prima Kardashi and they were all too cozy with each other.

prima kardash

Geosteady threw a mini concert for his daughter and the people who were present at the gathering. It was a sight to behold indeed as many people had wished for him to be in touch with his daughters. Netizens did not fail to notice that Mr. Henrie was not part of the show and in about those days, that is when the two deleted each other from their lives, deleting all their posts together on the gram.

Prima has however come out to trash rumors that she dumped henrie to rekindle her romance with her baby daddy Geosteady. She mentioned that her current relationship status is hunting for money and nothing else. She made it clear that she has no intention of dating any time soon, much less return to her baby daddy.

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