Blogger Isma Olaxess is not most certainly not impressed by the Fire Baby Winnie Nwagi has been handling herself recently. Isma is reportedly trying to stop a bad situation from getting worse by calling out Nwagi and offering her his advice free of charge.

His words, as usual, were fiery and not in any way sugar coated ( we all know who we are dealing with) as he severely warned the Swangz Avenue diva to tend to her weaknesses after she blasted UK-based promoter Mama Africa in the midst of the ongoing misunderstandings the two women had.

Isma Olaxess

Mama Africa claimed Nwagi and fellow artist Fik Fameica had acted unprofessionally after she had booked them to perform at an event in London, England. She mentioned that the artists made her wait on the hotel lobby to come out and perform only for tem to lock themselves up in a room, apparently love making.

He mentioned that she is very talented but her behavior will keep her behind as fresher-faced Swangz Avenue artistes will move forward. He gave an instance of Azawi who is a newbie in Swangz avenue is already holding a maiden concert yet nwagi has never had her own. He attributed all this to her discipline.

Winnie Nwagi

I call upon Winnie Nwagi to start respecting her job because the bad attitude is going to cost her a lot. She will give opportunity to other artist in Swangz Avenue and you will never see her grow musically like them

Isma olaxxess.

Isma is not the first person to warn Nwagi about her character that could end up destroying her career. She however does not mind what anyone says and she will keep on doing her no matter the consequences. We however await the fire that Isma Olaxess will receive from Winnie Nwagi once she comes across his advice.

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  1. This will end in tires

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