Popular city pastor Wilson Bugembe left his congregation in a daze on Sunday, July 17, at his Worship House church in Nansana when he bombarded and asked veteran singer Halima Namakula, who was attending the church service then whether her daughter Rachel K was available for him to sweep off her feet.

Addressing Namakula in front of the congregation, Bugembe explained that for a long time now, he had been searching for a wife and if there was a possibility of making a romantic move towards Rachel K, he would be glad to make it. He then said if Rachel K was single and available, it would be better for them to get together through her since she is her mother.

Pastor Bugembe

Is she still single? I am searching and if I go through you, the mother, it would be easier

Wilson Bugembe

Halima Namakula must have been too shocked to respond for she stayed put in her seat, opening her eyes wide in shock and wondering why this conversation was happening during a church service. The shock on her face did not stop the congregation from shouting in joy and excitement, something that must have surprised her even more.

Pastor bugembe upon seeing her get shocked like this downplayed it as a slight joke, mentioning that he was only playing around with her and it was nothing serious. The congregation was however not convinced that this was just a joke as they kept on rejoicing loudly.

Halima and daughter Racheal K

The congregation was left with a lot of anticipation even When pastor Bugembe mentioned that what he did was actually make a small joke about a serious matter. Many believe he could be in plans to pursue Halima Namakula’s daughter to make her his lovely wife.

Leticia Nambaziira

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