Many fans have been wondering whether the famous singer Grace Nakimera was in her right mind when she chose to turn into a gospel artist and drop secular music. Having had influence in the music industry as one of the best female musicians in the country, everyone wondered why she had dropped all that just to venture i to gospel music.

While speaking to Urban TV, Nakimera narrated that the reason as to why she quit secular music because of the evil spirits that were sent her way to kill her. She narrated a heartbreaking story, that she suffered from the attacks for two years while having sleepless nights till she learned that the battle she was fighting was not for the body but for the soul. This is when she decided to the only person who could help, God.

Grace Nakimera

I knew that my password was just Jesus. Just that name Jesus. Because I remember calling my mom, and requesting for help. This was because the person who had sent me the evil spirits, had aimed at ending my life…to kill me. In that moment, I learned very many interesting things.

This spiritual attack went on for two years. From 3pm to 5am I wouldn’t sleep every night throughout the year. Different things would attack me, I got really sick, and I was shivering all the time.

Grace Nakimera.

She mentioned that turning to Christ was the best thing she could have done or else she was close to losing her precious life. According to Nakimera, the attacks would make her shiver relentlessly and it would only die down once she fell on her knees and prayed(Somebody say hallelujah)

Grace Nakimera

I would shiver severely for long hours and from the core of my body, I was always cold. I would tremble for hours and whenever the doctors would check me, they always found no sickness. None of them could figure out the sickness because I had the money and everything. So, I realized that my sickness was for the soul and not the body.” She narrated.

Nakimera mentioned that she visited various doctors who failed to offer her a solution because they could not discover what was wrong with her, having found no illness.

Doctors could not figure that out and others would say that am only stressed and come up with heavy bills on me. Thing was that whenever I prayed, it would go.” She said

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