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Azawi confesses that her ex boyfriend dumped her because she turned famous.

The long awaited question was finally popped and answered by Singer Azawi. Only yesterday, Azawi graced Lugogo as the diva that she is and claimed her throne as the swangz avenue queen. The queen of vibes gave revelers a show they would be be able to forget even if they bothered to get amnesia. When asked whether Azawi was actually seeing someone, she was quick to respond that she was not.

The self-proclaimed queen of vibes described herself as a woman who loves unconditionally. She mentioned that she was in a very vibrant relationship with the man of her dreams until she took the road to stardom. Stardom did not give Azawi only beautiful memories but also a bitter memory of losing the love of her life who willingly left her after she turned famous.(couldn’t handle a celebrity huh!)


She disclosed that her new song ‘Bamututte’ was inspired by her previous relationship. When asked what exactly could have been the problem with being with a diva girlfriend, Azawi shrugged her shoulders and said his friends had advised him to dump her. Azawi mentioned that it was the peer influence that made him leave because his friends told him he would never be able to handle such a woman in his life.

I had someone, but when I became a star he was advised by his friends to dump me because I would be coming back home late and I also no longer needed him


Azawi mentioned that now that Her concert was done, she was to focus on finding herself a partner who can handle a super star. She mentioned that she is ready to settle if at all the right man comes around.

To all the single gentlemen around, feel free to hand over your applications because Azawi is currently hiring.

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