Pastor Bugingo as well as Suzan Makula have been a bit on the silent side recently. Whereas a few were relieved that the couple was finally off the media for a while, some of us were already missing a few stories from the Christian Muslim, Pastor Bugingo.

While appearing on Spark TV’s Koona program, Bugingo said that Makula is an extra ordinary woman and this could be the major reason as to why he doted on her, failing to release her despite all the challenges they have met as a vouple, inclusind being sued and harrased in court after having been accused of unfaithfulness in his marriage.

The lovely couple

Pastor Bugingo labeled Suzan Makula a great thinker. He added on that there isn’t anything that he asks her and she doesn’t respond. She always has an answer ready to solve a crisis. He stated that this is what makes him fall in love with her deeper.

Bugingo said this after he was asked how Makula inspires him. As she smiled at him, he did not hesitate in showering her with praises Live on TV even when he knew that Teddy Bugingo could be watching all this somewhere.

Makula is a thinker. You can’t fail to get an answer from her. She’s always prepared for everything thrown at her,” said Bugingo.

Leticia Nambaziira

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