She says she raised herself but is still not immoral as some kids in schools

Recently, a former minister came out to mention that there should be a ban on secular music as well as artiste performances in school for quite simple reasons, mentioning that students were getting immoral in accordance to how the musicians performed in their schools and also their skimpy dressing as they performed for the children.

Sheebah’s reaction came right after former minister Sarah Opendi came out and asked the Education Ministry to ban secular music in schools. Opendi claims that the singers’ dress code and behavior when performing in schools are not good since they dress skimpily and dirty dance, enticing students to be just like them since they look up to them.

Sheebah Karungi

However, while speaking in an interview on local television, Sheebah Karungi said that it is not her responsibility to ask students not to dress like her. It is rather upon her to make her performance and leave. The rest is all up to the parents who are meant to tell their children not to copy everything they see off the musicians.

I am not going to raise your children. They are your responsibility, so stop blaming me for their immorality

Sheebah karungi

Sheebah went ahead to mention that she left her parents when she was only 14 and raised herself until she turned into the woman she is now. She made a point that however much she raised herself, there are things that students do that are so full of immorality that even sheebah herself can not do. She therefore mentioned that some kids are even more immoral than she is so she wasn’t the one trai ing them at immorality.

I left our home when I was 14 years old and I raised myself. I am in my 30s, but there are weird things students do in schools that I have never even done in my life. So parents should sit down and teach their children what is bad and what is good


Leticia Nambaziira

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