They are soon to make a feature film with the help of experts.

The young and vibrant artiste felister d superstar has decided to go further in her exploration of the talents she posesses in the entertainment industry after she took on a role in acting in a short film that has been dubbed ‘The Brave’ .

The child singer features in a new short film called The Brave, which tells a story of a young girl who survives child sacrifice and later helps to fight the vice. Michael Nyanzi, Felista’s manager, told The Kampala Sun that the project was as a trial to find out if the artiste would make it in the field of acting. He mentions that this project was shot in the covid 19 pandemic.


We shot the project during the COVID-19 times and our major aim was to see if she could act. She used to act when she was in nursery school and I thought she could do it again

Michael Nyanzi

He revealed that they are set to work on a feature film, but since they as a team are not very experienced in this sector, this will be done with the help of professional filmmakers. Nyanzi mentioned that he hopes Felista will be one of the best actresses and will use her fans in music to win the market in the film industry as well.

He however thanked the audience for receiving this project well as i was his aim to introduce the audience to something new.

We also wanted to introduce the audience to a new product and we are glad to say that the audience appreciated the project


Leticia Nambaziira

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  1. We will wait to see if she. Is multi talented

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