He says he will never center his comedy on religion again.

Recently, MC Mariachi has had another rough patch with the Muslim society. He was recently asked to go on all fours like a dog and apologise to the nation and to the Muslim community for dragging their reputation through the mud all in the name of humor and comedy.

It was during his usual performances at Alex Muhangi’s comedy store when he mentioned that he was soon to convert to Islam because of their enticing saving culture. Every Muslim raised their heads in delight when he mentioned this first part but by the time he was done with them, their heads were lowered in anger.

MC Mariachi

Mariachi mentioned that the gentlemen need not trim beards because they were saving money and yet ladies never went to the salon but instead covered up their hair so as to save up salon money. Mariachi went ahead to say that Muslims did not waste money on sound systems but rather got one poor quality microphone for the Imam to be able to call them to converge for prayers.

Muslims felt attacked and they warned him to come out of his cacoon and apologise immediately. They stated that if he did not apologise, he would face the consequences of his sturbboness .

The comedian has, however, gone on his knees and apologized for the indecent mockeries. He explained it wasn’t his wish to go against the Muslims and did it for humour purposes, not to attack them.

Mariachi in action

I come here to apologize publicly for all that I said, I didn’t intend to mock my Muslim friends. I ask to be forgiven for my hurtful comments


we hope that the Muslim society will look into this apology full of sincerity and reconsider threatening Mariachi. Thank you please.

Leticia Nambaziira

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