She says she still has the car but only wants to advance to a bigger one.

We are still unsure what led to the split between singer Lydia Jazmine and her ex manager Ronnie Mulindwa. Some say it was an issue related with money that hit so bad to an extent that Lydia Jazmine decided to disrespecr the terms of their contract hence Ronnie had to threaten her just for her to recall that she even signed a contract with him.

For a few Netizens, they believe that it was issues related to bonking. The two are rumored to have taught each other bedroom tricks and therefore business did not go well when their bedroom issues interfered with their work. However much they both denied the rumor, it still roams in the atmosphere, makjn them look like bonk mates (such rumors never die down)


Reports say money-related issues led to their split which also made Ronnie confiscate the car he had reportedly bought her. Jazmine, however, insists she bought the car using her money. She claims Ronnie’s pockets are too dry and empty to afford a car, let alone a Mercedes Benz.

She affirms that she still has the car, although she is planning to get a bigger one. (Yes) . Recently, Lydia came out to mention that she was bringing in a new ride that is bigger and better and that everyone should be ready for her progress, which will be on a steady rise since she has left her failure if a Manager.


Her announcement came right after Ronnie publicly announced that he was going ro take back the car he had bought for her and that she should not even dream of cruising a car she never bought with her own hard earned money. He just wasn’t about to let her enjoy his money when she is away from him.

Netizens have started Concluding that Lydia only made an announcement of the new car to avoid questions when people saw her without a car after it was confiscated by her ex manager Ronnie Mulindwa

Leticia Nambaziira

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