She never puts him on display but he exists.
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“Just because I don’t show him off doesn’t mean I don’t have a man.” Spice Diana.

Spice Diana has been assumed to be a single lady in the public eye. Never has her love life surfaced anywhere on the internet and never has she shown any interest in a man in her social circle. She has however proceeded to reveal that contrary to what everyone believes, she’s not single. She’s seeing someone and even tipped us off that it was his birthday yesterday.

The singer has for a long time been romantically linked to her manager, Roger. They have however always denied these rumors saying that they only share a professional relationship. Pictures of the two have always surfaced but they always avoid the topic when asked about any kind of romance between them.

Spice Diana

It was also said that Spice Diana has a tattoo of Roger between her breasts after a time when it was said that Roger displayed one tattoo of Spice Diana on his arm. He did not say anything about this and he did not give any statements. Spice Diana also penned an emotional and long message full of sweet words to

Roger on his birthday months ago.

This has led Netizens to cancel out Roger from the list of the possible Spice Diana lovers because his birthday was not yesterday But it happened a few months back.

Spice Diana

My love life exists but I’d like to keep it private. So, I’m not single. I’m seeing someone out there, and by the way, today is his birthday.

Spice Diana

This mysterious lover has however stored up the online in-laws since they are now increasing their research skills in order to land on the lucky man that always makes Spice Diana see stars during broad day light. Good luck to the Federal Bureau of Investigation upon this great mission.

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