She is in tears as she awaits the decision of the constitutional court

Ekuba omunaku tekya! (The woes of a peasant never seem to come to an end). Walking out of a marriage she had spent her entire life in, teddy Naluswa was left all alone. Aside from her children and a few netizens that ceied along with her, she has not received the justice she so deserves. Bugingo and his ‘girlfriend’ Suzan Makula have been in the news after the House of Prayer Ministries International pastor publicly declared he had replaced Teddy with Suzan, a Salt Media staff.(his employee).

Bugingo’s action compelled Teddy Naluswa, his legal wife to run to court, raising a complaint that the pair was having an illegal relationship yet she was legally married to him. They were however released and left to display their affection publicly as they paid a very huge sum of money as their bail. (No justice served in all honesty)

suzan and Bugingo

With Makula mocking teddy Naluswa by ‘introducing’ Bugingo to her family at Kawuku, Katabi Town Council in Wakiso District , Teddy Naluswa ran to file a complaint at Kawempe Police Station, telling officers that the pastor had committed a great offense by getting into another marriage (a customary one) yet he was still lawfully married to her, something that was termed as bigamy.through his lawyer known as counsel Ruhinda, he asked for this case to be transfered to the Constitutional court where he has since tried to disintegrate the case sadistically. He argued that the Marriage Act and the Penal Code Act infringed on the rights of Bugingo and Makula, his clients, since “the inherent right to choose whom to marry is generalized to give an individual autonomous right to enter a bigamous marriage” and that “as such, the criminalization and non-recognition of bigamous marriages interfere with the free exercise of choice of a marriage partner and the right to marry.

He also mentioned that the Act interferes in his clients right to privacy as their lives are being put on public display and the entire world is scorning at them. The lawyer also mentioned that he was being hindered from marrying the partner of his choice, which is unfair in accordance to the law.

The love moment

Ruling on the petition, Entebbe Grade One Senior Principal Magistrate Stella Paculal Okwong has agreed to refer the case to the Constitutional Court, agreeing that there were indeed key questions that can only be answered by this higher temple of justice. The constitutional court is yet to schedule a day for the hearing to take place.

This has left Teddy Naluswa in a pool of tears following the fact that it only complicates the case on her side but favor is now upon her ex husband Bugingo.

Leticia Nambaziira

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