She is happy as long as her daughter is fulfilling her dreams.

Azawi, real name Priscilla Zawedde, is one of the few popular local musicians that is being talked about as one of the most successful newbies in the music and entertainment industry. Following the success of her maiden concert even considering the fact that she is new in the industry, she has gathered more respect than she already had.

Even with a tomboyish character, Azawi seems nbothered by every rumor that goes on around her considering her choice of dressing, how she walks, and just her vibe in general which is boyish and if you follow her enough, it’s easy to see that she hangs around men most of the time.Slowly, her management has had to add dresses in her closet and use a bit of makeup on her to slightly rebrand her for her feminine crowd.

Azawi before the transformation

There have been multiple rumors that Azawi is gay and that is the reason for her tremendous change. Azawi came into the industry a different person. She always wore in a feminine manner, always did her hair like any lady does and acted the part. Later, the changes were witnessed however as she trimmed her hair and started filling her closet with mens outfits.

she earned herself a nickname of uncle Azawi but she still was quite unbothered. Guess what! She is not the only one that is unbothered by the comments that come towards her for being a tomboy. Her mother is unbothered about all these comments as well. According to her, as long as her baby girl is happy, she is too.

Azawi’s mum, Ms Nakamate, during an interview noted that she is not bothered at all by her daughter’s fashion choices and character.She noted that the 26 year old has been a tomboy since she was young because she is not a fan of skimpy outfits.Ms. Nakamate further stressed that her daughter is free to wear whatever she wants as long as she is living a life she desires and achieving her goals. (Good for you Azawi for having an understanding and supportive mom)

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