Cindy is preaching to sheebah about indescent dressing yet they fall in the same category.

Recently, a minister known as Opendi came out to call on Sheebah and advised her to dress well if she was to perform for audiences. This is not the first time sheebah is receiving such criticisms from people since she also received one from Andrew Mwenda following her reports about her near molestation incident where she was nearly raped right before her performance at a private party.

Sheebah said that no one was there to guide and support her as she grew up because she literally raised herself from the tender age of 13 up to date. She wondered where those people that are ordering her to dress decently were when she was suffering on the streets cold, hungry and alone The self proclaimed queen karma vowed not to change anything about her. This is because she’s self-made and no one can tell her what to do!


Sheeba mentioned that these kinds of people le who were were telling her how to dress her own body should instead do this for their children. This is because they have a right over them but they have no right over her and her body. Cindy Sanyu who is known to be in terrible terms with sheebah has however come out to offer her a piece of advice in regards to the matter at hand.

Cindy told Sheebah that the last time she checked, people did not care about the journey anyone has been through but only care about the outcome of the person. She therefore advised Sheebah to keep all her past experiences to herself and focus on bettering herself as a brand and an artiste rather than ranting about how she suffered while raising herself.


People don’t really care about who you are and where you have passed to get where you are. I would therefore advise her to keep her childhood trauma to herself. I appreciate the Minister for coming out to openly condemn indecent dressing when performing in schools or for minors. As a woman and a mother, you ought to know that these children are not yet ready for what you’re feeding to them,”


Countless times however, Cindy has been castigated for being indescent on many occasions so however much she comes out to condemn it, Netizens believe she falls right in the same category.

Leticia Nambaziira

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