She is just trying to earn money and cater for her family's needs.

Good lyfe musician Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel has shocked his followers after being arrested for beating up his baby mama Sandra Teta like she was a punching bag of some sort . Weasel is a beast that is usually triggered by alcohol into doing things that are clearly against his own judgement when he is sobber.

Many times, he has Been dumped by his girlfriends after they taste his wrath once they decide to mingle with him. He has been described as a gentle and sweet man when he has not touched the bottle but once he does, that is when hell breaks loose for his lover’s since the beast within him is unleased with alcohol.

in a love moment in the past

Reports coming in indicate that Weasel has made it a habit to beat up the mother of his kids, Sandra Teta like a punching bag.According to reports the singer, who is reportedly running broke returns home drunk and gives Teta serious blows . More reports suggest that last week, the singer beat her up until when she lost consciousness under the influence of alcohol and weed.

The singer’s close friends have come out to say that Weasel nolonger supports his family financially, something that forced Teta to work in order to earn money and take care of herbhubby and their children. This has however angered Weasel as he started complaining that the nature of the job she does let’s her come back home late , something he does not agree with so she ends up receiving a beating for it.

weasel and Teta

It is said that Teta hosts several nights in Kampala bars so Weasel complains that she is always  out late in the bars and she neglects their children’s needs. Does she deserve this kind of treatment however?

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