Winnie Nwagi has always been described as a hot head who refuses to take any kind of nosense be it from a producer, fellow artiste or a fan and now, street kiss have been added to her list of people she might soon be teaching a lesson in her life time.

Nwagi has been involved in a series of petty beatings( well of course she always has the upper hand ie. She is the beater). She has been described to have a daring character which has been criticised by many as a road block to her success on the big stage as an artist.

Winnie Nwagi

As the famous saying goes however, ‘Ekumi telikyawa omu’ ( not everyone will hate on the same person) , it seems Nwagi has a fan base that supports her hand action as they believe it is right for her to defend herself in certain circumstances. They believe her character is what shall support her and make her a good musician( we should not put up with every blow that comes out way just because we are reserving public image. Every other day, the Swangz Avenue singer does something that leaves fans talking. (Mostly involving exchange of blows or verbal attacks)

In Kampala, the issue of street kids is very rampant and in most cases they are found at almost every corner and especially at traffic light junctions usually begging and it looks like this did not leave Winnie Nwagi happy. It must have been something they did while they begged at her window that triggered her disgust, however much she failed to mention exactly what they did, Nwagi expressed her dissatisfaction through her Snapchat account.

Winnie Nwagi

Omg. These street kids are disgusting, arrogant, disrespectful and not humble at all. Lumu njakubako alanı oluyi


Leticia Nambaziira

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