She was not willing to take it from this Chacha guy

Let us face it. Even when Levixone and desire luzinda tried to fool us into believing that their relationship was only a stunt to promote the song ‘Yoya‘ by Levixone and Ray G, no one believes that. Deep down, we are all convinced that this is just diversion and that two birds were just hit with one stone. An introduction helped give birth to a beautiful video. That is just it.

Another thing to keep track of is that not everyone was very happy with the wife that levixone chose for himself. Being a clean boy with a clean past,fans believe that Levixone deserved better than he settled for because well, desire is still Desire after all and yes she is older than him.(but who are we to judge ehh?)


There is a fan however who has taken it upon himself to expose the dirty deeds of desire Luzinda as he brought up her abortion story. The bitter war started when Desire Luzinda posted a Picture of her introduction with Levixone. A fan identified as Matovu Chacha quickly attacked her branding her a prostitute and a good for nothing.

You’re a prostitute and now you’re preaching to us… F*ck your black bleached ass! You’re a prostitute who is just disguising herself in music but the fact is you can’t sing


Desire, the self proclaimed saved and changed star did not sit back and take this insult. She decided to retort back and give her fan a taste of his own medicine, telling him that she could Atleast afford to pay her bills and doesn’t beg idiots like him so her prostitution is justified ladies and gentlemen.

At least the prostitution pays my bills n I don’t come begging idiots like you so choke on it,

Desire Luzinda.

Leticia Nambaziira

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