It is confirmed that Sandra was facing domestic violence

When the Photos of Sandra Teta went viral, showing how she was beaten up with wounds on her face and very swollen eyes, social media went into an uproar, demanding for justice for the innocent soul. It was posted by a journalist who felt concerned about the situation that Sandra was in.

Hours after the rumours, she took to social media to shut down the claims saying that she had been beaten by thugs at night. Yes many took this as a cover up, saying she was covering up for weasel who had been thumping her day and night. Maybe she just did not want to appear in the news as a victim of domestic violence.

Weasel and teta

In reference to the pictures circulating on media, on my way from work on Friday night, I was attacked by unknown goons who fled with my phone, hand bag and 1.3M.I have for the past one week been on treatmentand I am steadily recovering

Sandra Teta

The media has however failed to give it a rest as they know there are loopholes in this all so perfect take. However much she is covering up, everyone seems to see right through her. Now the media has turned to the one person who they figured knows the entire story in truth, Daniella Atım, wife to Jose chameleon

and chameleone Daniella

Everyone has been asking questions regarding the issue at hand and she has been silent. She is however recalled ro be the one that advised Talia,Weasel’s ex girlfriend to pack up and leave after she was being beaten by Weasel. Talia took Daniella’s advice and left, something that hurt Weasel to the bone.

Daniella has refused to give a direct comment but she has hinted at the truth, saying she can not say anything while she habours such anger but she will surely comment when the tine is right and shw has calmed down. She however ended the comment with rhe caption‘End domestic violence’ proving that what the Netizens thought is indeed true.

Yes I saw this ,different people sent me this and want my opinion. ..,I will tell you what I think when I am no longer upset ,I have learnt to hold my tongue when am angry .For now let’s all gather here and give good advice to @the_real_empresstee_ .Am sure she will be following through


Leticia Nambaziira

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