The book will be very helpful for youths hoping to find love.

In his 30’s, Pastor Bugembe is among the senior bachelors in town. No one has literally ever cited this guy with a belle even anywhere in a ‘kafunda‘. I mean, not even among his church members or choir members. In fact, whenever the subject of his marriage comes up, there is always an uproar, with many rushing to do background checks on the women, only to find none.

In all cases so far, the results have been disappointing.Now Pastor Bugembe is starting to open up about his love journey, which according to him has not been merry making but rather a sea of impossibilities. His love life has been a catalogue of heartbreaks, wrong choices and near misses. He details that in a yet to be published book titled, “Finding her”.

The shocker of them all is that he intends to release the book on his wedding day. Could it be that the book is going to take longer than anticipated or could it be that he is playing us dirty and he has already found someone to heal his wounds of being a bachelor?

 In an exclusive interview with Kampala Sun at Vegas Bar and Chillout, Bugembe who performed at the bar revealed that he actually suffered a revolting heartbreak, which made him put matters of the heart on hold. He however mentioned that he is healing well and the process has been hard but he is nearly there. Maybe he just needs someone to help him complete the transition.

It is a work in progress but I can promise you it gives many insights into my life and challenges of finding a suitable partner. The book will come in handy for the youth, many of whom are faced with the challenges of finding a suitable partner

Pastor Bugembe

Yall are wondering how a book about failing to find love will help youths to find love? Well so am I so we really can’t wait to read this book

Leticia Nambaziira

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