He refuses to take the song down at all costs

The saying goes ‘Once beaten, twice shy’. It looks like Grenade official has decided to defy every saying known to man as he has adamantly refused to take down the song that he dubbed ‘Wewanika‘ even when his ex sugar momma threatened to have him arrested if he did not take it down.

In the song, Grenade brags about using the girl who pretends to be of high class. Grenade says the song wasn’t directed at her and that he will not pull it down. He mentioned that if he wakes up and decides to pull the song down, that will only prove he is guilty and is admitting to have released the song for his sugar momma Abdul Aziz Kiroto,something he denies.

Quick recap: Grenade was thrown out of the house he shared with Kiroto with every one of his belongings flying out of the door, following him. He was also arrested for trespassing in her property when she pressed charges against him for violent behaviour as well, something he forever denies having done.

Grenade was also accused of having fled the house with a few stolen items from Kiroto as well as having put her under a spell to make her fall madly in love with him, something her religion did not work out with.

Grenade believes that Kiroto is exceeding rhe limit by telling him to get rid of music that he truly did not release for her because the song was for everyone, not for her and he doesn’t recall mentioning her name anywhere. He therefore said he would never take it down.

I sang the song for everyone. I didn’t mention her name, so don’t expect me to pull down a song people love


Leticia Nambaziira

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